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cnc-space-21 CNC postprocessor

 cnc-space-21 is engaged in the professional development of postprocessors for CNC machines.  The postprocessor provides control programs for CNC machines - milling, turning-milling, electrical erosion in various CAM systems - Autodesk Powermill, FeatureCam, SolidCam 

Our services

Our Services
Parallel Lines
Development of post processors

We professionally develop postprocessors of any complexity

Help in choosing CAM 

We will help you choose a modern CAM system, taking into account your equipment  and range of machined parts

Technical support 

When buying training materials, textbooks, lessons, you can get free online support 

Our youtube channel

Subscribe to our YouTube channel and you will be aware of all the news in the field of processing and programming

Online consultations

Please contact us and we will try to help

Video Tutorials

To learn how to work in Powermill, FeatureCam programs, you can purchase textbooks


The first steps of a beginner CNC programmer


  • Study the range of parts that your company produces

  • Get information about the available CNC equipment in your company

  • Familiarize yourself with cutting tools

You have received the first task from your supervisor to develop a control program for a CNC machine. Take the programming manual for the CNC machine, for example Fanuc, Siemens, NC210. Milling machine 3-axis. Take an additional instruction manual for this machine, there you can see the technical characteristics of the machine. Namely, the maximum spindle speed, maximum working feeds, maximum feeds of rapid movements will be useful to you. You will take all this into account when assigning cutting conditions to create a processing project in a CAM system in which you will generate a control program. Also make the most of the available cutting tools. If necessary, additionally order the missing tool or equipment.

Sketch out the processing strategy in advance, agree on it, and only after that proceed to the creation of a processing project in the CAM system on a computer.

If your company has a CAM system installed, such as Power mill, FeatureCam, SolidCam or others, make sure that there is a working postprocessor for your machine accordingly. What is a postprocessor? The postprocessor is a separately developed software with which you can get a control program for your CNC machine.

Create a setup chart with a list of cutting tools, generate a control program and send it to the shop for implementation.

Here are the main stages of the work of a novice programmer.

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