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Terms of reference for the development of a postprocessor

For developing post processors  the first question you need to know is the kinematics of the CNC machine, the number of linear, rotary axes. As well as their direction of movement. The postprocessor customer needs to provide a model of the machine (it can be turning, turning and milling, milling, electroerosive, gas or plasma cutting, etc.).

Next, you need to provide the technical characteristics of the machine, dimensions, maximum and minimum movements in all axes, maximum spindle speeds, maximum rapid feeds, and much more.

The next thing to specify is  CNC model, the necessary cycles for the output of the control program, if desired, you can give a sample of the control program, containing the change of tools, the start of the spindle speed, the beginning of the program, the end of the program.

All this will provide a high-quality post-processor.

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